Dauphin Island, Alabama

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Dauphin Island History Archives
Board of Directors:
Dr. Melvin A. Lucas,
Chairman of The Board
Founding Director

Dr. John Porter,
Vice Chairman of The Board
-DI Bird Sanctuaries-

Mr. Fred Rounsaville,
Treasurer of The Board
-Pres., DI Water & Sewer Board-

Ms. Lamona Lucas
Secretary of The Board

Ms. Pat Edwards
Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
of The Board

Ms. Marti Harding
Founding Director

Mr. Bill J. Edwards

Dr. Fred Cushing
Director At Large

Ms. Ann Heard
Director At Large

Mr. Neil Hudgens
Director At Large

Mr. Victor Lott, IV
Director At Large

Mr. Merrill McPhearson
Director At Large

Mr. Frank Milstead
Director At Large

Mr. Lawrence Trotter

Mr. George Waldron
Director At Large

Mr. Jeff Collier, Mayor
Town of Dauphin Island

Mr. Bruce Jones, Pres.
DI Property Owners’ Assoc.

Ms. Shawn Williams Perloff
Pres, DI Park & Beach Board

Mr. David Graves, Pres.
DI Chamber of Commerce

Membership: Participation in the Foundation is available through the following memberships:
  • Sustaining Member: A renewable membership for individuals based on a monetary contribution or voluntary service to Foundation activities.
  • Sponsoring Member: A renewable membership for individuals, businesses, foundations, or corporations based on a significant financial or voluntary service contribution to Foundation activities.
  • Endowment Member: A permanent membership for individuals based on a significant trust or endowment gift to the Foundation.
  • Heritage Member: An honorary membership granted to individuals and organizations recognizing significant achievements of historical contributions to Dauphin Island or the Foundation.
  • Honorary Member: An emeritus membership granted to past Foundation Board of Directors.
Contact: For further information about the Dauphin Island Foundation, contact us at:
P.O. Box 946
1101 Bienville Blvd.
Dauphin Island, AL 36528
Telephone (251) 861-3800